Student Erika Brown
had the unique opportunity to record 
NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez! 

Recording & Live Sound Class: The Job Circle

Audio Engineering, The Job Circle
For teenagers and adults.
Want to record bands?
Want to learn how to run live sound?
You should try our Hands-On Learning Audio Technician class.

This 8 week program meets twice a week in the evenings.

Audio Technician Training our Job Circle    

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Learn producing, mastering, electronics, ProTools. Work with award-winning audio engineers and producers.

Because a lot of past students have come back to work with us, we call it the Job Circle.


Students learn skills that are useful at any job such as verbal and written communication, teamwork, general job etiquette, plus skills specific to the audio industry. Participants in the Job Circle can, through knowledge testing, earn an Audio Technician Certificate. This internship, and certificate, becomes a work and college application reference for them. For example, it is recognized by employers such as the Gallo Center for the Arts. 

The cost for the 8 week program is $200. There are some scholarships available for students on the free lunch program (a scholarship awarded student pays just $100; to get approval for a scholarship call us at 573-0533). Note: all students are actually being subsidized by grants and donations to attend because the true cost to Modesto Sound is $500 per student for the 8 week course.

To reserve your place, pay now in full or pay a $50 deposit (see drop down menu below).

“I liked the professional equipment that we got to learn on with hands on work examples of real life situations. Teamwork is emphasized, and everyone's idea is put into consideration. Examples are shared for insight.” Ricardo Orozco

“To me, this class has been invaluable both for hands on knowledge and training.” Blake Boette

“The class is very detailed and allows everyone to have a hands on experience. This class helped me a lot.” Melissa Sears

“This class gives the opportunity to learn about the techniques, equipment, hardware/software used in recording. This class is a great source for learning.” Brooke Mello

“I've had a huge look at the recording process with Pro Tools and learned things I would have never thought of. The interaction is great and the class seems to be having a good time and teachers have great attitudes and make for a good setting.” Matt Grayson

“One memory I will always cherish is that of my internship at Modesto Sound. I had absolutely no idea what to expect since I had never been in a professional environment before and had little experience with the technical side of music. What I found out was that the people and the program were very flexible and helpful in teaching all of the interns about live sound, the recording process, among many other things. The experience and knowledge I gained at Modesto Sound has aided me even past the internship. My choir teacher needed some people to sing at a football game and we were able to set up a condenser mic instead of a dynamic mic and the choir sounded awesome! I'll never forget what I learned or the time I spent at Modesto Sound!”

Veronica dela Fuente


Anthony says why Modesto Sound has helped his career aspirations.

Audio Technician Class Teachers

Lawrence “Lucky” Lew: (Audio Engineer, Teacher, and Producer)

Lucky Lew has worked with Modesto Sound for 12 years. He serves as producer, teacher and has developed the teaching curriculum for the successful Modesto Sound Audio Technician--Job Circle program.  He has produced and recorded music for over 25 years in total and has worked with numerous major and independent artists as producer, engineer or both. Lucky engineered and mixed several albums for the V2 record label, Ultra Records, Thrill Jockey, etc. He also owns and operates his own recording studio "Wave Parade Studios". Lucky is a multi-instrumental session musician that has appeared on many albums. Lucky holds an FCC federal broadcast engineering license. He also has a ARRL Technician class certificate and is a Licensed CET (certified electronics technician). He was awarded a lifetime achievement Modesto Area Music Awards (MAMA) award in 2009. In his spare time, he designs audio electronics and spends a lot of time cooking; especially preparing Thai and Indian food. Modesto Sound is proud to have had Lucky Lew working with us all these years, and we hope to have many more with him.


Mark Oesau: (Live Sound Engineer and Teacher)

Mark Oesau has been working with Modesto Sound since 2011. Mark has served as an intern, president of our board of directors, and currently serves as live sound engineer and audio technology teacher with the organization. Mark’s prior experience includes working as monitor and front of house engineer at the Fat Cat music house and lounge, system technician with US Audio, sound designer with YES company, and stagehand at Gallo Center for the Arts. Additionally, he has played in a variety of bands and ensembles, including three Modesto Area Music Award winners. His education and training includes an Associate of Arts degree in Music, and a Recording Arts skills recognition certificate from Modesto Junior College. Mark also owns and operates his own sound company and has ran sound for hundreds of shows and events. In his free time, Mark enjoys photography, hiking, composing music, and learning. Modesto Sound is proud to have Mark working with us as he brings practical experience and creativity.


Blake Boetto: (Sound Engineer, Teacher, and Composer)

Blake Boetto has been working with Modesto Sound since May of 2016. Blake has served as live sound technician, stagehand, summer band camp counselor and currently serves as recording studio engineer with the organization. Blake’s prior experience includes a position on Fresno State University’s concert staff, sound engineer for various bands and local events. He has been commissioned to arrange show tunes for a playhouse musical. His education and training includes a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition from Fresno State University, training in music for multimedia through California State University, Monterey Bay’s Summer Arts program, and certification through both Modesto Sound's Audio Technician 1 and Advanced Recording Workshop classes. In his free time, Blake enjoys writing and performing music, as well as studying music and various forms of literature. Blake brings a fresh perspective and stoic dedication to what we do at Modesto Sound, and for that, we are grateful.