More Info About Our Music Camp

Modesto Sound’s Recording Arts Summer Camp teaches communication and fosters creativity through songwriting and music appreciation, specifically through the actions of speaking, writing, recording, listening, editing, evaluating, and working in small groups.


Our program cultivates the development of transferable life skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, creative expression, and collaboration. The campers learn about two theaters located at, and the technical behind-the-scenes of, the area's largest creative arts and performances venue: the Gallo Center For The Arts. Camp staff provide lessons on how the Gallo Center sets up during theater shows as well as how to set up a stage for a musical performance, including running the cables and plugging in microphones, amps, speakers and instruments. The program includes opportunities to write original songs, including lessons on the fundamental aspects of songwriting, while working in small groups of different instrumentalists; through this process, campers build upon their interpersonal and teamwork skills.


After writing their original songs, campers work with staff and one another to record their songs in the recording studio. In addition, the campers will be given the chance to tour a commercial radio station and learn about radio shows, how to write and record Public Service Announcements, and how to interview people for a radio show; participants also record original Public Service Announcements of their own design, regarding topics related to social, environmental and cultural present-day issues.


These Public Service Announcements in turn benefit the community at large, since some are actually aired on local radio stations. Finally, at the end of the week, participants perform at the Gallo Center for the Arts in a public, free concert. For some participants, our camp provides them with their very first experience of playing a musical instrument, an invaluable experience that will enrich their entire lives.


The campers are sent home with a CD of the week’s events, through which they can recall the musical fruits of this action-packed, fun week.