Taught by Music Diva Janet Seay and Award-Winning Producer Lucky Lew

Students will learn basic music theory, rhythm, song development, radio interview skills, radio announcements, and all about sound recording/mixing.  Skills and knowledge the students will acquire over the course of the program include:
* Creating a song.
  - Creative writing
  - Group teamwork: students work in small groups to write songs together
  - Terminology: learning the different parts of a song, music composition (beats, measures)
  - Math: counting measures, rests between parts, how songs are created into sections like a pie graph
  - Instrument performance: working on their musical parts, playing the instruments, listening to how it fits into the whole song
* Making a drum and having a guided drum circle each class.  - Arts and Crafts: making the drum itself  - Communication: call & response, listening, creating rhythms  - Meditation: relaxing while beating the drum as in a heartbeat  - Leadership: students take turns leading the circle
* Learning about careers in the arts.
  - Technical aspects of music production. They will record each other, edit their own audio interviews, operate the live sound equipment, and learn about microphones and cables.

Daytime Music Technology Class Teachers

Lawrence “Lucky” Lew: (Audio Engineer, Teacher, and Producer)

Lucky Lew has worked with Modesto Sound for 12 years. He serves as producer, teacher and has developed the teaching curriculum for the successful Modesto Sound Audio Technician--Job Circle program.  He has produced and recorded music for over 25 years in total and has worked with numerous major and independent artists as producer, engineer or both. Lucky engineered and mixed several albums for the V2 record label, Ultra Records, Thrill Jockey, etc. He also owns and operates his own recording studio "Wave Parade Studios". Lucky is a multi-instrumental session musician that has appeared on many albums. Lucky holds an FCC federal broadcast engineering license. He also has a ARRL Technician class certificate and is a Licensed CET (certified electronics technician). He was awarded a lifetime achievement Modesto Area Music Awards (MAMA) award in 2009. In his spare time, he designs audio electronics and spends a lot of time cooking; especially preparing Thai and Indian food. Modesto Sound is proud to have had Lucky Lew working with us all these years, and we hope to have many more with him.


Janet Seay: (Executive Director and Teacher)

Ms. Seay developed a love for music when she began piano lessons at 10 yrs old. Since then she has taught instrument lessons (piano and voice, mainly) and band in elementary schools, home schools, and privately in her home studio. She has taught music in the Modesto area for more than twenty-five years and maintains an average of 30-35 students at a given time. She enjoys staying engaged with music in the community evident by her participation in multiple community bands, and is currently playing french horn in one now. She holds an Associate's degree in Music and is also a member of National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). Additionally, she has held membership with the National Music Guild for over twenty years. Modesto Sound is glad to have Ms. Seay on board as her vast knowledge of instruments, music, and theory are valuable to the program. Ms. Seay’s work with Modesto Sound began in 2015. Since then, she has served as a recording arts camp music teacher, fundraising volunteer and currently serves as executive director with the organization.