2020 Summer Dates Coming Soon
Held at the beautiful Gallo Center for the Arts  1000 I Street in downtown Modesto, and Modesto Sound at 110 Santa Barbara Avenue.
For ages 8-12 and 13-17
Activities include:
* learning about microphones, recording, and interviewing people
* writing and voicing a public service announcement for public radio
* field trips
* creating an original song
* recording songs
* learning about live sound
* teamwork building
* making a drum and having drum circles
* holding a concert including performance of the original song

"My daughter Skyy attended the Summer Camp at Modesto Sound.  She loved every minute of it.  Her musical interests were met in many different ways - guitar lessons, recording music & video, and other musical activities that she truly enjoyed!  We'll be back for more. . ." Brad Goudeau, Principal Gregori High School

Taylor says, Being a camper at Modesto Sound Music Camp is great! It's so fun recording music and writing songs. It's a lot of fun meeting people and making friends at camp.

Cameron says, "I think Modesto Sound is great! The staff is like my family, like a second home to me. You'll learn a lot. You do not need to play an instrument to join

Hi,I’m Julia Moorman, and I attended Modesto Sound’s Summer Recording Arts Camp. This camp is perfect for kids with dreams such as writing songs, playing an instrument, etc. Students learned lots of required information about the music industry. The staff helps the kids compose songs, create backing tracks, play instruments, and record original songs in a studio. This camp is a great activity for kids to join and invest in. (Age 12)

Hi, I’m Alexis. I came to Recording Arts Camp to learn more about the performing arts. This week I’ve learned about cables and microphones, I wrote a song, I learned to play the ukulele, and I performed with a group. I also went to I Heart Radio and recorded an announcement. I got to tour the Gallo theaters. I had a great time this week! (Alexis Sabala, Age 9)

Sign Up and Pay $175
All campers are subsidized by donations because the true value is $425!

For full scholarship consideration based on family income, please contact us (link at bottom of this page). Thank you.

Donors include:

* Gallo Center for the Arts
* Make Dreams Real Endowment Fund
* California Arts Council

Mariah says, You should sign up for Modesto Sound. You can record yourself and make friends. You get to go to different places. You will have a lot of fun!

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