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Modesto Sound’s Recording Arts Summer Camp teaches communication and fosters creativity through songwriting and music appreciation, specifically through the actions of speaking, writing, recording, listening, editing, evaluating, and working in small groups.

Our program cultivates the development of transferable life skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, creative expression, and collaboration. The campers learn about two theaters located at, and the technical behind-the-scenes of, the area's largest creative arts and performances venue: the Gallo Center For The Arts. Camp staff provide lessons on how the Gallo Center sets up during theater shows as well as how to set up a stage for a musical performance, including running the cables and plugging in microphones, amps, speakers and instruments. The program includes opportunities to write original songs, including lessons on the fundamental aspects of songwriting, while working in small groups of different instrumentalists; through this process, campers build upon their interpersonal and teamwork skills.


The campers are sent home with a CD of the week’s events, through which they can recall the musical fruits of this action-packed, fun week.

"My daughter Skyy attended the Summer Camp at Modesto Sound.  She loved every minute of it.  Her musical interests were met in many different ways - guitar lessons, recording music & video, and other musical activities that she truly enjoyed!  We'll be back for more. . ." Brad Goudeau, Principal Gregori High School

Taylor says, Being a camper at Modesto Sound Music Camp is great! It's so fun recording music and writing songs. It's a lot of fun meeting people and making friends at camp.

Hi,I’m Julia Moorman, and I attended Modesto Sound’s Summer Recording Arts Camp. This camp is perfect for kids with dreams such as writing songs, playing an instrument, etc. Students learned lots of required information about the music industry. The staff helps the kids compose songs, create backing tracks, play instruments, and record original songs in a studio. This camp is a great activity for kids to join and invest in. (Age 12)

Mariah says, You should sign up for Modesto Sound. You can record yourself and make friends. You get to go to different places. You will have a lot of fun!