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PA Modesto Central California

Upcoming Concerts

Every 3rd Thursday during Art Walk
in Downtown Modesto we have

a showcase of artists from 6-8pm
$5 suggested donation.

Deva Cafe (12th & J Street)


Hire us and we'll bring our sound system with us!
Small System
(Soundcraft GigRac 8 channels)
without subwoofers 600 watts
$100 set up fee + $25/hr

Large System (MackieOnyx Mixer 16 channels)
with subwoofers 4000 watts
$300 set up fee + $50/hr
Discounts available for nonprofit organizations.



We had a free community concert downtown.
10 bands played at 1010 10th Street on Oct 10th!

Professional Sound!

* Music Concerts
* Fairs & Festivals
* Meetings & Promotions
* Weddings & Dances
* Parties & Holiday Events

Click here to see
photos of our work.


Concert PA
A taste of our sound system.

Local reggae band, Nesta, playing at Gregori High School during lunch. Modesto Sound sponsored the event.
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Satisfied Customer Comments

Marcelo Guitron from Nesta: I always like playing on your system. It just sounds good.

Neal from The Panduhs: My drummer did not complain about his monitors for the first time in two years. I had no problem hearing myself, the vocals were crystal clear. The only thing that bummed me out was that I couldn't take the sound system home with me!


Jeff Carnegie: Your prices are the lowest. The quote with equipment and engineers is the best deal around. Other companies wanted $2,500 and the lowest price (besides yours) was $1,300 but that included an in-kind sponsorship. Other years we have tried out sound companies and been disappointed because they show up with just a small set-up compared to what was promised.
Modesto Sound LIVE brought an enthusiastic and knowledgeable crew and made the day a fun event. 
They were very professional and easy to work with.

Help support our mission to empower youth to create music and artistic media by hiring us for your next event!

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