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 Music Camp Modesto

We are a recording studio open to all ages. We also offer media duplication, and live sound services while providing job training to youth.

Modesto Sound has recorded over 500 artists, held hundreds of concerts, and recorded thousands of public service announcements for radio.

The studio is located at Gregori High School, Building B, 3701 Pirrone Road, Modesto CA 95356 Come on down and meet us sometime!

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CVCA Recordings May 2014

The Job Circle (a free intern program) Students, from any school, Junior High through College are welcome.

Click here for an intern application link.

Too busy to be an intern?! We have Recording Arts Camps as a one week alternative for ages 8 and up.

Click here to visit our music camps page.


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  • Field Trips Field Trips Visiting 92.9FM Clearchannel Radio Station
  • Interviews Interviews Getting to know the community through holding interviews.
  • Post Production Work Post Production Work Editing audio files using industry standard software.
  • Fun Fun There's always another way to look at something!
  • Class Presentations Class Presentations Several Modesto Sound staff visit high schools and give free presentations.
  • Behind the Scenes at Music Venues Behind the Scenes at Music Venues State Theatre gave us a warm welcome from the lobby to the stage audio tour.
  • Colloboration Colloboration Recording Arts Campers record a band and set up a concert for them to perform at with them!
  • Creating an Original Song Creating an Original Song Youth practice a song they wrote themselves before their public performance.
  • Audio Engineering Audio Engineering Interns record bands and engineer at live shows.
  • Reading, Writing and Voicing Reading, Writing and Voicing Finding a subject that matters to them, youth record public service announcements.
  • Networking Networking Executive Director, Brenda Francis, visiting an award-winning music class.

Modesto Sound

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